You will find a huge selection of Wood Burning Fireplaces, Gas Fireplaces, & Electric Fireplaces at A Fire’s Place in Lafayette, Indiana. Whether you want a low cost electric fireplace or luxurious wood burning zero clearance fireplace, you’ll find it here.

Over the past few centuries, fireplaces have evolved from simple heating sources to high-tech, feature laden heating appliances. Modern fireplaces have much more usage & functionality, and they advanced into cost-saving and highly efficient products. They can convert an ordinary room into a coveted gathering & entertaining space. In the real estate market, fireplaces are a ‘must have’ feature for new home buyers and one of the main features appraisers look at when determining the value of a home. Add a gas or wood burning fireplace to your main living space and instantly increase the value of your home while creating a wonderful, inviting atmosphere that your family will enjoy for years to come.

When selecting the perfect fireplace, there are many different types and styles you will need to consider. Many homeowners prefer the traditional feel, smell, and ambiance of a wood burning fireplace, while some people may prefer the optimal convenience & cleanliness of a gas fireplace instead. If you want to learn more about the large selection of fireplaces available, stop by our A Fire’s Place showroom and view a number of beautiful burning displays.

Types of Fireplaces

There are 3 main categories of fireplaces, they are DIRECT VENT (DV), NATURAL VENT (NV or BVENT), VENT FREE (NO CHIMNEY).

Direct Vent (DV)

In general there is a single pane of glass that has springs or screws to take off where the fire is and can be vented either UP (Vertically) or OUT (Horizontally).

Natural Vent (NV or BVENT)

Natural vent usually have doors that open and a damper in the middle towards the top of the fireplace opening. There is a pre-fab style with metal pipe and typically bi-fold doors with metal showing above and below the opening. A masonry wood burning fireplace usually has brick on outside and a glass door that fits on the outside of the opening. The top of the chimney would also have a flue tile. That being said, you can have a gas log in a wood burning fireplace which does not make it a gas fireplace, but rather a wood burning fireplace that uses combustion are from the room.

Vent Free (NO Chimney)

Vent free is a fireplace with no vent pipe and emits the unused burnt gas back into the house. This allows the fire to use indoor air for combustion and allows all of the heat to stay inside the house. With newer, more tightly sealed homes, you must be cautious with this type of fireplace to prevent build of of unspent fuel.


Wood Stoves/Insterts

When it comes to authenticity, nothing beats the look, feel & smell of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. A Fire’s Place features a large selection of fireplaces, from decorative to high efficiency, which can effectively heat your favorite room or your entire house. Whether you are looking for zero-clearance wood burning fireplaces, masonry fireplaces, or prefabricated fireplaces, we have you covered.

Wood burning zero clearance fireplaces can be built directly into a frame wall during new construction or a remodeling project, or a beautiful stone masonry fireplace can be built to create a truly majestic feel. Your new wood burning fireplace will instantly become the focal point of your home and the favorite spot of your family and friends.


Gas Fireplaces

Homeowners seeking ultimate convenience should consider a gas fireplace. With a simple flick of a switch or press of a button, your fire will spring to life with ease. Enjoy the warm, dancing flames without the mess & hassle associated with burning wood. Gas fireplaces are convenient and versatile, and fit into almost any room in your home, including small guest bedrooms & even bathrooms.

Many high end units are also laden with features like adjustable flame height & heat output, variable fan speed, and even accent lighting & remote start. Gas fireplaces come in dozens of options and styles. Whether you prefer arched doors, life like log sets, or units that feature a remote control, we have you covered. Talk to our knowledgeable professionals at A Fire’s Place who can help you find an efficient and beautiful gas fireplace that will perfectly suit your needs & home décor.


Electric Fireplaces

If you want to create an instant warm & relaxing atmosphere in any room in your home, purchase an electric fireplace. These year round appliances can add that “cozy” feeling to any home, apartment, or condo since all that is required is an electrical outlet. Electric fireplaces do not require a chimney or venting nor a mantel or surround, so they can be moved from room to room without any hassle. They provide clean heat for only pennies a day to operate.

Modern Electric Fireplaces feature life like flames, real heat, and casted log sets that look just like the real thing. These units can also fit right into an existing fireplace for those who want the easy operating electric fireplace insert option.